‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 10 preview: Robin gets desperate

Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie SmuldersOh, the things that you will do for love. In the latest sneak peek for Monday night’s all-new episode of “How I Met Your Mother” season 8, we see one Barney Stinson completely drive Robin to the point of insanity. How crazy is she going to get now in her quest to figure the guy out? Let’s just say that she is willing to turn Ted’s love for a certain piece of footwear completely against him. That’s right; we’re talking about the infamous red cowboy boots!

The boots are going to show up during this episode (entitled “The Over-Correction”) as Robin threatens to recruit him for whatever her new scheme is to get Barney away from Patrice. However, the end result of it could be rather drastic: if she does not get what she wants from Ted, he can very well say goodbye to the boots … and nobody wants that, right? The additional humor comes in here courtesy of the fact that Robin’s threatening to cut them with a knife that she also took from Ted and never returned.

So are any of Robin’s plans going to work out? It’s currently unclear, but based on the new photo that was released for the winter finale (which airs just a week from Monday), we know that there is some sort of confrontation coming.  It’s still possible that this could all be some sort of massive ruse designed with one sole purpose in mind: trying to pressure Robin into admitting her feelings by getting mixed up in a relationship with someone that you know she hates.

What do you think is going to happen between these two characters in the coming weeks? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can check out official descriptions for the next episode episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” over at the link here.

Photo: CBS, video via SpoilerTV

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