‘Girl Meets World’: Ben Savage promises new memories for a new generation

Boy Meets WorldWhen we first heard about the “Boy Meets World” reboot coming up on the Disney Channel we were pretty excited since it was such a huge part of our lives growing up, but then we started to worry that “Girl Meets World” won’t be held to the same standard, regardless of the fact that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are part of the main cast, and that our memories of the show would be ruined.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Savage revealed that there was a lot of discussion about the reboot before jumping into “Girl Meets World” because they wanted to make sure it was done right and that they didn’t ruin what was already created with “Boy Meets World”.  He said:

“It’s funny, a lot of the tweets and emails and mentions I’ve gotten are from a lot of people who are worried that the show wont’ hold up. And that we shouldn’t do it because it’s going to ruin a lot of their childhood memories. And I totally can understand that – I get it. I know there are things that they’ve done in the past where I feel like it’s ruined my childhood memories. And I didn’t like that. But we’re really working hard and doing everything we can to make sure that this is going to be something special and funny, and hopefully it’ll make new memories for a new generation.”

Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews, and Mr. Feeny were a major part of “Boy Meets World” and although Rider Strong recently said that he is not part of the cast (and Will Friedle and William Daniels wouldn’t comment), Savage teases that there have been discussions about bringing back some of everyone’s favorite “Boy Meets World” characters. Maybe we’ll get to see Ethan Suplee come back!

Want to know what Rider Strong had to say about coming back to play Shawn Hunter on “Girl Meets World”? Be sure to check out our story and let us know what you think about the reboot of the series.

Photo: ABC

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