‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ preview: Will Sister Jude become a patient at Briarcliff?

American Horror Story

When we first met Sister Jude she was fairly cruel when it came to disciplining the patients at Briarcliff, but as the season has gone on, and she has found redemption, we find ourselves rooting for her more and more each week. (Warning: spoilers ahead).

After Sister Jude’s attack from bad Santa, Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice likely thought that she would end up six feet under and that there would be no further problems from her, but she was able to escape his evil clutches by killing him with a knife. So how will Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice react to the news that not only is Sister Jude alive, but now she knows both of their secrets? If you take a look at the new promo for next week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” called “The Coat Hanger” we see a clip of Sister Jude strapped to a bed at Briarcliff as a patient – is this how she will spend the rest of her life or will she find a way to get out of this mess?

We will also see Dylan McDermott making his first appearance as the modern day Bloody Face as he gets therapy to try and curb his dark urges to kill and Lana will finally get the upper hand on Dr. Thredson, finding evidence that will help prove Kit’s innocence, regardless of the fact that Dr. Thredson wiped his house of horrors clean.

Be sure to check out the promo for next week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum” and let us know what you think. Did you miss last night’s episode? You can check out our review here and get caught up with the patients of Briarcliff.

Photo: FX

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