‘Supernatural’ season 8, episode 9 review: The Amelia debate

Supernatural“Supernatural” is such an interesting show in many ways, and one of the primary subjects we want to talk about when it comes to Wednesday night’s “Citizen Fang” is pretty simple: Amelia. On most shows, it’s a relief when someone is not a dream sequence or some sort of ghost character. When it revealed on “Supernatural,” however, that Sam’s past love is actually a functioning human being with a man in Don, it’s a polarizing decision.

Perhaps it is the notion that one of these characters could ever have anything resembling a normal life that is so surprising. After all, just look at what they spend most of their time doing. But now that we know that Amelia really exists, we can say with confidence that Sam did genuinely try to make a life work that did not include being a hunter, but it just didn’t work out for him.

What the closing minutes of “Citizen Fang” also showed us was that Dean still knows how to take advantage of his brother’s weakness with that well-placed phone message at the end. He obviously was operating under the assumption that Martin was still crazy, and he was right. Rather than Benny being the one that was taken down this week, our dose of season 5 was the bloody mess at the end of the episode instead. The Winchesters were pulled apart physically at the start of the season, and we are starting to assume more and more here as time goes by that they are going to be pulled apart emotionally.

Even though some out there have criticized Jeremy Carver at times for making the brothers too unlikable at times so far in season 8, we actually applaud it for adding some new rough edges to the dynamic. These are two guys who have clearly been through a lot in their time away from each other, and not everything is going to come up roses as a result. We also have found a number of episodes this year particularly strong, especially this one in that it introduced the Amelia twist-that-was-hardly-a-twist coupled with some movement in the story for all our key characters.

Ultimately, do you think that the winter “Supernatural” finale delivered? If you want some more scoop on what lies ahead, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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