The Rookie season 3 premiere: EP on Nolan’s punishment, future

The rookieWe’ve now made it past The Rookie season 3, and we know one thing for sure about Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan: Technically, he’s still employed. With that being said, though, his future is not exactly full of new and exciting opportunities. He’s limited somewhat in terms of what he can do by the letter of reprimand he received — it does not seem as though he can ever become a detective now, and some career paths at the LAPD are closed off. He already faced some stumbling blocks due to his age, and this is now only adding to how he’s perceived.

At the conclusion of the premiere, Nolan made it clear that he planned to keep fighting and he was going to remain in pursuit of his goals … but it’s not going to be easy. What happened with Nolan breaking the rules in the premiere won’t be going away, and that was reiterated by executive producer Alexi Hawley in an interview with TVLine:

“It’s important that we set up situations that we honor … On most cop shows, cops kill people and they end up back on the street after the commercial break. We can’t. That’s not what we do. And it definitely affects our storytelling, I think, in a good way. In the same sense, we need to honor this punishment, but it’ll open up other doorways for stories for us.”

There will be opportunities to explore parts of John’s life because of this punishment that wouldn’t otherwise be there — that is clearly something that Hawley is trying to point out. We’ll see how this changes the show, especially since it could cause Nolan to look even harder at some of the choices that he makes. It also serves The Rookie to try and be one of the most realistic cop dramas on television, especially when you are thinking about some of the topical stories that are going to be coming up soon.

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