‘Duck Dynasty’ season 2 review: A Robertson Christmas lights up the season


On tonight’s Christmas special of “Duck Dynasty” Miss Kay has gone crazy with the Christmas decorations while getting ready for their Christmas party and while the guys just want to go hunting, Miss Kay has other plans for them.  She wants Phil to get a Christmas tree and Jep, Jase, Martin and Goodwin to hang up the lights.  Although Jase tries to stay firm with his deer hunting plans, Miss Kay’s offer of sweet potato pie sways everyone into helping hang lights.

Jase and Jep get up on their parents roof to hang lights, but after hours of setting up strings of bulbs, the boys realize that they have set them up backwards, and the extension cord won’t reach the socket.  Jessica and Missy ask them to re-do all the lights and in the end it was all worth it – especially the part where Jase covered Willie’s truck in lights.

Willie is playing Santa at his church and when he doesn’t have an elf to help hand out gifts, Si offers to play Santa’s helper. Unfortunately this turned out to be a terrible decision that Willie quickly regretted. Not only did Si show up wearing Camouflage and elf ears, but he also scared most of the children half to death while crushing their hopes and dreams in the process. When it came to handing out gifts, Si brought a garbage bag full of whatever he could find at the warehouse. Tape guns, duck calls and balls of string did not impress the kids.

Miss Kay and Phil go tree hunting together to find the perfect Christmas tree, but she doesn’t like anything they find in the forest and she convinces Phil to buy one.  When they get to the tree farm, Miss Kay takes her sweet time trying to pick out the perfect tree, but finally she finds the one she wants and Phil buys it for her.

Over all this hour long Christmas special was a perfect balance of humor and holiday cheer – a perfect way to wrap up Duck Dynasty for the season.

Photo: A&E

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