‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Marley’s eating disorder, Brittany and Sam kiss

GleeOn last week’s episode of “Glee” season 4, things took a very disturbing turn when Marley’s eating disorder caused her to faint during the Glee Club’s performance of “Gangnam Style” at Sectionals, but how bad is her bulimia story going to get?

Reports from TVLine say that Marley’s eating disorder arc is even “crazier” then we all think it is. Samuel Larsen revealed that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better (if it gets better at all that is).  He said: “It gets even crazier than you think.  Trust me, it gets worse. It’s something no one’s really expecting at all.” As Marley sinks deeper into this eating disorder and lets her life spiral out of control, where is Kitty in all of this? Will she be getting her just desserts at some point?  We don’t know for sure yet, but Ryan Murphy has never let us down before when it comes to a bully getting his or her karma back.

Now for the real shocker – the Brittany and Sam kiss.  Just from the preview alone Brittany/Santana shippers are on a rampage about the hook up, especially when it was just a few episodes back that Brittany and Santana met up back stage at the “Grease” production and told each other that they missed one another. So do the masterminds behind “Glee” realize what a mess they are creating?  In fact they are so aware of what they are doing to Brittana shippers that they’ve included a moment in next week’s episode where Brittany will actually break the fourth wall and take the criticism head on.

Also, there have been some rumors floating around that this might be the last season for “Glee”, but you can put your worried mind at rest, because season 5 if definitely coming.

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Photo: Fox

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