Is Justin McManus leaving Power Book II: Ghost, and is Jabari dead?

JabariIs Justin McManus leaving Power Book II: GhostThis weekend’s season 1 finale brought a lot of chaos Jabari’s way.

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To be specific, this finale found him dead by the end of it. Through most of this season, we’ve become Jabari obsessed with the idea of furthering his career, and he did whatever he could to make that happen — including using those around him. He often exploited situations and in the end, he decided to make Tariq St. Patrick his muse. The more that he went down that rabbit hole, the more he realized that he may have needed to give Tariq a cut.

Ultimately, Jabari realized that Tariq was in a bad way and decided that he could strike a deal — help Tariq financially in exchange for telling a version of his story. Little did he realize how dangerous Tariq ultimately was. Jabari was set up and he never really saw it coming, mostly because (like so many others) he underestimated him. Granted, we don’t think Tariq predicting having to kill him in the midst of a stand-off with Cane, but he do think he planned on killing him the moment he got a cut of the advance.

We know that Jabari was a polarizing character throughout season 1 of Power Book II: Ghost, but we do think that his death does have a certain amount of meaning. After all, won’t Carrie start to become even more concerned about the Tejada family? She’s gotten herself involved with Zeke, who is tied to a crew that is also tied to the death of someone on-campus. Meanwhile, Jabari’s death may hit even closer since he was investigating what happened with the pool incident. She may fear for her life now, or this could at least cause her to look at things a little differently than before.

Kudos to McManus for what he brought to this role over time — Jabari was certainly polarizing, but he was meant to be a reminder of how Tariq still possesses the ability to utilize his youth and perceived naivete to play others.

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