Lucifer season 6 episode 8 title spoilers + DB Woodside directs!

AmenadielWe’ve got a couple of big things to set up within this article about Lucifer season 6 episode 8, even if you won’t be seeing it for a while.

Let’s start things off here with the official title: “Save the Devil, Save the World.” Out of context, we think that this is a reference to “save the cheerleader, save the world,” a recurring message all the way back on season 1 of Heroes. Within the context of the show, meanwhile, it’s somewhat ironic. Who would’ve ever thought that Lucifer Morningstar would be key to humanity’s happiness? That’s, of course, providing we take this title literally. A lot of these episode names are often just meant for some sort of comedic effect.

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Beyond this title is the news that this episode (written by Aiyana White) also marks the TV directorial debut of one DB Woodside. Back when it was announced that he would be returning as Amenadiel for the final season of the show, it was also confirmed that he would be directing. We’ve seen Kevin Alejandro take on this role already behind the scenes, so it should be fun to see what Woodside brings to the table. He knows the cast and crew here so well, and there is a build-in comfort level that comes from him having this gig.

Oh, and there is one more important thing to say about season 6 episode 8 right now: This is the antepenultimate episode of the series. Once it is over, there are only two more to go before the series is over. We still have eight more episodes to go in season 5 (see a teaser here) before season 6 even premieres, so at least from a viewer standpoint there is a lot still to look forward to. Hopefully, we’ll have new episodes of the series throughout most of 2021.

What excites you the most about Lucifer season 6 episode 8 on paper?

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