Doctor Who spoilers: Final ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ expectations

Revolution of the DaleksAre you ready for Doctor Who to air its annual special? “Revolution of the Daleks” is coming tomorrow, and we have to imagine it will be fantastic. You’ve got the return of iconic villains, a chance to see Captain Jack Harkness, and also the emotional exits of Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole.

So what sort of specific expectations do we have entering the special? First and foremost, that the Doctor will eventually escape custody of the Judoon, who locked her up at the end of this past episode. It came in sudden, stunning fashion, and we do think that the series will take its time before allowing her to be free. We’ve of course got questions about when she will be free, but more importantly how. Is it going to set the stage for more carnage that is coming?

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When it comes to the exits of Walsh’s Graham and Cole’s Ryan, we hope that they are heartfelt and also leave the door open for future returns. It doesn’t need to be some shocking, elaborate exit; it can be a little more personal, where they stay at the ready in case they are needed again. With the way that Chris Chibnall has written stories for this season, we’re inclined to think he won’t do something so shocking as killing the two off.

Finally, we’re anticipating that this special will leave some of the Timeless Child mythology for a little while in the rear-view mirror. Season 12 altered very much what we know about The Doctor; yet, we think this special is meant to be more of a one-off enjoyed by casual and diehard fans alike. We think we’ll get more into mysteries of the past whenever season 13 premieres … but we could be surprised.

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What are you hoping to see unravel over the course of the Doctor Who special?

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