Power Book II: Ghost finale theories: Will Cooper Saxe be arrested?

Cooper SaxeAs we prepare for the Power Book II: Ghost finale arriving on Starz this coming weekend, there are of course a lot to ponder over. To us, the status of one Cooper Saxe is the most interesting thing.

Shane Johnson is brilliant in this role — let’s get that out of the way first. He’s so easily hate-able and that is precisely the point. You want to see the guy get taken off his high horse, but then you’d get sad if someone took him out of the show. This is the dilemma that we’re coming into as we prepare for the finale.

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How do you resolve the murder of James St. Patrick? The most obvious way for Tasha and Tariq to get out of this situation is to pin the crime on Saxe, but this is obviously going to be easier said than done. There’s no obvious path to making it happen, and they would have to think outside the box and hope that Davis is willing to get revenge on Cooper … and that they could trust him enough to do so. We don’t think Saxe is going to die, but he’s going to try a full-court press to incriminate Tariq.

Other than Saxe, there are few other people who realistically Tariq and Tasha could pin the murder on — it’s hard to imagine them circling back to Paz, and both Tommy and Tate have their own proposed spin-off shows. We don’t think either one of them is going down for this. With limited options, Tasha may either have to hope for Saxe’s incrimination, a mistrial, or that they can prove somehow that Ghost was emotionally distraught and ordered a hit on himself.

Maybe Saxe makes it through; we kinda want him to, for entertainment’s sake. Yet, it’s going to be difficult

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Do you think we’re nearing the end of Saxe on Power Book II: Ghost?

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