The Expanse season 5 episode 5 preview: What is Marco’s next move?

The Expanse

As we prepare for The Expanse season 5 episode 5 to arrive on Amazon Prime next week, it’s clear the game has changed. Marco Inaros has made his most significant power grab to date, but what can Earth and Mars do about it?

Here’s a quick refresher: Marco and his Free Navy now have control of the protomolecule, which they were able to seize as a part of a plan that included the death of Fred Johnson. They are quick to turn on anyone who opposes them, and we’ve seen with their attacks that they are keen to send a message to Earth and Mars in a devastating way. They have no issue taking lives to further along Marco’s vision. What makes him such a dangerous villain is that he legitimately believes that his dangerous way of doing things is correct. He has a goal and he’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

The challenge moving forward comes in finding a way to stop him, given the moment things stop going his way, he could unleash the protomolecule in a pretty dramatic fashion. The Roci crew reuniting would be a step in the right direction, but that’s not going to be easy. Just think about where Naomi is at the moment, or that her, Amos, Alex, and Holden have all been in different places. This season has featured a lot of the crew separated, but realistically they can only do so much. It could actually take a reunion of most of the show’s core characters to stop Marco, but wouldn’t that be a great thing?

In general, we will say that this has been an excellent start to season 5 — by far, one of the best stretches that we’ve had to start any season to date.

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