Lucifer season 6 episode 5 title spoilers: Is there a murder in the midst?

LuciferFor today’s edition of Lucifer season 6 title spoilers, we come bearing some big news about episode 5! There is a lot of reason for excitement … but also some big question marks, as well.

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In a new post on Twitter, the show’s official writers’ room confirmed that episode 5 of the new season is entitled “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar” … and that is absolutely interesting. How in the world could it not be? That’s the sort of title that grabs you, and really makes you wonder what sort of episode we’re going to be getting. Could it be an experimental one? A funny one? A combination of the two? No matter what this episode ends up being, the most important thing is that we leave it feeling immeasurably satisfied.

(Of course, our personal preference is that the episode is about Lucifer faking his own death in order to capture a bad guy — there’s just something about Lucifer attending his own funeral to reveal the truth that is deeply satisfying.)

As excited as we are about this episode title on the surface, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re going to be waiting for a while in order to see what’s coming up. There are eight more episodes in season 5 that we have to check out, but after that, season 6 will premiere. That is the final season, and we’d love to see it launch at some point in 2021 … but there are no guarantees.

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