The Flight Attendant episode 8 (finale) spoilers: Can Cassie save herself?

The Flight AttendantThe Flight Attendant episode 8 is coming to HBO Max this week, and there is a lot of big stuff to say about it. Let’s kick things off with this, though, a reminder that this is the season finale. There is a lot of big stuff poised to arrive in Cassie’s world in this episode, and she has to figure out what she wants to do in order to make it out alive.

Let’s kick things off with this: A reminder that Cassie now has at least some pieces of the puzzle. Felix seems to be Alex Sokolov’s killer, but it also just so happens that Felix has been her recent love interest Buckley this whole time. That’s a big problem for her on a psychological level — just in case she hadn’t gone through enough already.

So what does she do with this information? She can try to turn him in, but who will believe her? What is there for evidence? One of her biggest assets now is Miranda, who we can hardly consider to be one of the most reliable witnesses in the world. As evidenced, it’s also not easy to give her immunity. Cassie decided that she doesn’t want to run, so that limits her options.

Is Cassie going to be okay with Miranda killing Felix? Is that the easiest way to resolve this? Maybe, but there are still so many loose ends whether it be her relationship with Annie, getting the authorities off her back, or trying to wash away the trauma that has haunted her for a good chunk of her life underneath the surface. The whole point of the Sokolov scenes is to remind Cassie that it’s not just about Alex; she’s carried this sense of responsibility for another death for a good chunk of her life.

So long as The Flight Attendant finale is going to be like the rest of the season, we know that it’s going to be gripping — and probably also leave us wanting more.

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