NCIS season 18: Is the show already setting up Maria Bello’s exit?

NCISWe know that Maria Bello is leaving NCIS during season 18 — not only that, but she’s already filmed her final scenes. The big question now remaining is how we’re going to see the actress ay goodbye to her character of Jack Sloane.

So now, the question that we’re left to wonder is this: Are some of the seeds already being planted for her exit?

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If you’ll recall, during this past episode we heard that Sloane did not spend a lot of time with the other agents at the bar — the same night that Gibbs showed up and drank everyone under the table. What was she doing? There’s a chance that it’s unrelated to her exit — remember that this storyline is set around “Musical Chairs,” and we know that is when her daughter Faith was around for a storyline.

Yet, it’s also possible that Jack could’ve been doing something that set the stage for an eventual departure. She didn’t really disclose what she was doing the night she left the bar early, save for saying she “had a thing.” It could be nothing, but it’s at the only thread we have to question right now.

If Sloane’s “thing” does lead to her departure, it would mean that the character was pondering over an exit for a while — or at least getting involved in something that leads to it. Remember that this current arc is set in late 2019, and we already saw that Sloane was still around in spring 2020 and not saying anything at all about needing to leave. It’s possible this will be revisited more when we get back to the present-day timeline, or that Sloane’s exit is sudden and totally unrelated. We know that she is going to be leaving at some point before the end of the season, so prepare yourself accordingly.

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