NCIS season 18 episode 3: Is Tobias Fornell missing?

NCISEntering NCIS season 18 episode 3, we assumed that something was going to be happening with Tobias Fornell. We were going to see the next step in the character’s journey and oddly, it involved him taking a job at a fast-food joint named Beltway Burger.

Of course, “Toby” was not just flipping burgers for the sake of doing so, as there was a larger purpose he was trying to take on. The character was trying to uncover the latest connection to the opioid trade he and Gibbs have been investigating, and once he was granted freezer access (apparently, the Beltway Burger has a hierarchy system to it), he was able to find a stash. That is all the proof he needed of the connection, but it’s still not altogether clear how deep this goes, or who all of the important connects are in this trade. We just know that the horse-head is some sort of symbol for the operation, and we’ve seen it play out now across many forms.

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The most important news right now, of course, is the simple news that Fornell is missing — when Gibbs checked in on the burger joint at the end of the episode, he learned that his pal hasn’t appeared over the past couple of days. So where is he? That’s the real humdinger now! It’s possible that Fornell just found his answer and is taking off to assemble the next piece of the puzzle. This is a guy who has a tendency to go rogue here and there, so we wouldn’t be altogether shocked if he decided not to clue in Gibbs and thinks he can just tell him later.

Of course, this could mean that Fornell gets in trouble and he gets kidnapped or worse. Maybe it’s already happened. No matter what happened to Tobias, you better be assured that in the coming episodes, Gibbs will do what he can to track him down. We know that we’re still spending at least the next couple of episodes in the past, so there is plenty of time in order to sort this out.

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