‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Michael Bowen talks ‘Uncle Jack’ and Aaron Paul

Breaking BadThere’s still an eternally long wait until “Breaking Bad” season 5 returns to AMC and although the scripts for the next season have already been sent out to the actors, no one seems to be dishing on any of the juicy details as to what fans can expect to see happen in the last 8 episodes.

In a new interview with AMC, actor Michael Bowen (who plays Todd’s uncle Jack on the series) spoke about his inspiration for getting into character as well as some “unfinished business” he has with Aaron Paul.  When asked about who he modeled Jack after he said that his character was based on a hit man named Richard Kuklinski also known as “The Iceman”, who managed to work for the mob while still maintaining a family life with his wife and children.

Bowen went on to say that he has worked with Paul in the past on the remake of “The Last House on the Left” and that Aaron’s character killed him, so is it possible that Jack could take out Jesse in “Breaking Bad”?  He said: “You know, I didn’t even see Aaron on set. I saw him on the airplane with his fiancée. He asked me where I was going and I told him; he was really excited. But Jack’s very capable…”

“Breaking Bad” season 5 wont’ be back until July 2013, but Aaron Paul has said that the new scripts are mind blowing, so we know that it’s going to be well worth the wait to see how it all ends. If you want to read what Aaron Paul has to say about the new scripts for yourself you can check out the story here.

Photo: AMC

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