‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: What’s coming up in the second half of the season?

The Walking Dead

“The Walking Dead” season 3 mid season finale left  fans on the edge of their seats on Sunday night wondering what’s going to happen to Rick and his crew, and if you’re like us, then you can’t wait until the show returns in February to know what’s in store for our survivors.

In a new video (posted below) showrunner Glen Mazzara and the cast of the show spoke about what’s coming up in the second half of the season. Mazzara said that now that The Governor and Rick not only know about each other, but also know where each respective group is located, the war is going to get intense between the two sides. Steven Yeung (Glenn) said that things are “way worse” then they ever have been before for Rick’s side and with new people coming into the fold (like Tyreese’s group) people don’t know who to trust anymore. Glenn’s anger about what happened at Woobury is going to start taking over who is he and even though Maggie doesn’t see the point in taking murderous revenge out on this other group, Glenn’s feelings can’t be curbed.  Will this cause problems for the couple? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Walking DeadWhen it comes to Andrew Lincoln’s character of Rick, he says that in the second half of the season we will realize that Rick is a “brutal, ruthless leader, who is uncompromising“, so when he finally comes face to face with the Governor there will be a fairly equal match. David Morrissey (The Governor) said that now that he’s lost Penny, his sense of humanity is gone making him even more dangerous then he ever was before.

When we left the Dixon brothers they had finally come face to face for the first time, but unfortunately it was surrounded by the people of Woodbury wanting them to fight each other to the death. Will they be able to band together and get out of the situation or will Merle try to prove his support to the Governor?

It’s a long wait until February for new episodes of “The Walking Dead” season 3, but until then be sure to keep checking back for more spoilers and previews.

Photo: AMC (Source: Spoiler TV)

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