Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 5: Should we expect Koracick to die?

As we prepare for Grey’s Anatomy season 17 episode 5, one thing is very clear: Tom Koracick’s life is in danger. There is no guarantee he makes it out of this in one piece.

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When we first saw Koracick get sent home after a positive virus test, it felt like he was going to be fine and producers were telling stories about a different side of the pandemic. There are a lot of people out there who are asymptomatic, after all, and they still have to quarantine and be separate from their lives to keep others safe. Yet, Tom soon deteriorated and on Thursday, he’ll be hospitalized with his life on the line.

While we’re a little more hopeful that Meredith will make it out of her own health battle with the virus, we’re a little less optimistic for Koracick. This is clearly a show that wants to demonstrate that people do die from the virus, and there were even rumors about a notable character dying at the end of last season before the pandemic shut things down. Losing Tom in this way would have a hugely dramatic impact on the hospital, and on the lives of many characters including Amelia and Teddy.

Would it be a sad way for Tom to go? Absolutely. He’s made his fair share of poor decisions (take much of everything with Teddy as of late), but he’s also had a tragic past and we wanted to see him eventually find some happiness.

Alas, not everyone on Grey’s Anatomy gets their happy ending. We saw this even before the pandemic. Hope for the best with Koracick, but also expect the worst.

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Do you think that Koracick could actually die on Grey’s Anatomy this coming Thursday?

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