Magnum PI season 3 premiere: Who’s driving that white SUV?

Magnum PIThe Magnum PI season 3 premiere arrived on CBS with a lot of great stuff — but also a new mystery at the very end. Who is driving that white SUV?

Throughout the entirety of the show’s first episode, we noticed the vehicle in question tailing Magnum and Higgins, while also listening to some rather strange music in “What a Wonderful World.” Clearly, someone has it out for Magnum or Higgins given that they’re willing to do this for such a long period of time.

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, we have a feeling that this person / persons will continue to be relentless for some time.

Could this mystery be tied to something that we’ve seen on the show already? It’s possible, given the fact that Magnum has made a number of enemies in his time on the job. At the same time, there are a lot of parts of his past that may still be unclear to us as viewers — it’s well within the realm of possibility that this is someone we’ve never met before.

Here’s what we hope — that this mystery perseveres for a while and we get some more clues here and there along the way. This is the perfect way to kick off a season since it gives us all collectively something to talk about for a little while. This is without thinking about all of the fun stuff that we got, whether it be Higgins relishing some of her new responsibilities (and changing that license plate!) or her getting asked out by her own doctor Ethan, who relinquished his responsibilities so he could ask her out. How is Magnum feeling about that? Surprised, but it’s still early. We’ll see how he handles this over time.

All in all, can we just say that this was an excellent premiere? It gave us a chance to dive head-first back into this world that we’ve missed so much. Plus, having a new mystery doesn’t hurt.

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