‘Gossip Girl’ season 6, episode 8 review: How ‘complicated’ is it?

DanWe are now only two episodes away from the grand conclusion to “Gossip Girl” after six seasons, and we honestly still have no idea at all as to how this all is going to end. “It’s Really Complicated” was in fact just that, as we saw pretty much every character we have seen all season long thrown into various situations, and most of them ran for cover while drama exploded all over the place.

When it comes to relationships, there are really two things we took from this above all else: Serena and Dan are in a quagmire yet again after Dan’s chapter about her hit the press, and he tried to play the whole “woe is me” card because he constantly feels like an outcast and an outsider to everyone else’s world. After all, he wasn’t one one of the gang at Thanksgiving Dinner. (Tear up now.) Serena is of course upset about all of this, yet we somehow still think there is a chance that these two characters are going to get together by the end.

As for Blair and Chuck, the primary issue we have is that the two really are not in that different of a position now than they were a few episodes ago. They still have not gotten together, and the only change is that now they are taking on Bart Bass as more of a united front. Nate is also to an extent on board the cause thanks to being blackmailed, but at the moment Bart is still the man in power. We wish we could get more excited about all of this, but we just can’t; we’ve never been as interested with the older characters on the show, and it feels like they are starting to take over when we would rather be seeing more of Nate, Dan, or even Georgina at this point.

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