Big Brother 22 All-Stars Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott dating

ChristmasEven though Big Brother 22 was an All-Star season featuring returning players who already (mostly) knew each other, the season was still able to produce a showmance. It just took a little bit longer.

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In a statement to E! News, Christmas (who was first a part of season 19) confirmed the relationship by stating some of the things that she liked the most about him:

“My favorite trait about Memphis is that he understands and knows exactly who I am … He sees me and appreciates me for me and not who he thinks I should be, or who I have been in the past. He feels like my home. I also love his wild, unapologetic self. He is who he is.”

Meanwhile, Memphis (originally on season 10) added the following about her:

“The list could go on for days, but her contagious smile, unapologetic laugh and authenticity are just a few traits I love.”

In some ways, we can’t say that we’re altogether shocked by the news. It was clear in watching the live feeds that the two shared a clear bond, and Christmas did not seem to be the same player after Memphis was eliminated. The two also live geographically in a spot where their relationship could work, so there were fewer logistical challenges here than for other players coming out of the game.

Also, it’s easy to remember that in Big Brother, you go through a bizarre experience that is hard to decompress from after the fact. It’s also pretty tough to find people who can understand precisely what you went through. These are some of the reasons why showmances are fairly successful outside of the house, even in comparison to other shows like The Bachelor. The irony here is that typically, you don’t go into Big Brother with romance as a #1 goal.

What do you think about Christmas and Memphis getting together after Big Brother?

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