The Undoing episode 6 (series finale): Did Jonathan kill Elena?

The UndoingTonight marked the final episode of The Undoingand through that, we’re glad to finally dive into one simple question: Who killed Elena?

Early on in the episode, we did see the aftermath of the Henry cliffhanger … and we learned pretty quickly that he was not the killer. Or, at least he had a story that made him seem fairly innocent. This was a relief, but it did lead to another question — quite frankly, who was the killer? Grace did her best to go up on the stand, thinking that this was going to be her perfect chance to help clear Jonathan’s name. At the very least, she could attest for his character.

Here’s the problem — Grace on the stand proved to be a disaster, as the prosecution came armed with all of the information in the world to make Jonathan into a target. Whether it be her 9-1-1 call or her comments about his narcissism in the past, all of this came out in court. You can say in a way that this was her revenge … but the rage of Jonathan was far from over. Consider the fact that he kidnapped his own son near the end of the episode, to the point where a missing-persons report was filed.

Yet, even still, there was no guarantee that Jonathan killed Elena. It wasn’t something that was abundantly clear in the closing minutes. At first, he planned to just leave her — yet, when she charged at him with the hammer, he took it from her and then bludgeoned her to death. When Henry questioned him about it, he claimed that it was not “the man he know” who was responsible for what happened.

As shocking as this was, it wasn’t the end of Jonathan’s reign of terror. His road-trip with Henry included him almost killing the two of them and, eventually, him coming close to throwing himself off a bridge. Henry and Grace talked him down from doing it, and he was handcuffed in the closing minutes. No matter how much Jonathan tried to flee from the truth (as he did most of the season), there is no fleeing what his final legacy is, no matter if he snapped or who the second self was on the inside.

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