DVR ratings: Great news for ‘Supernatural’ season 8, ‘Glee’ season 4

SupernaturalTypically when we have highlighted DVR ratings so far this year, we have done so mostly through the lens of the shows that need the support most: new series. Now that the future of many of them is set in stone, however, we are now a little bit more interested in checking out what the future is for some more established shows.

One program whose future is all but assured at this point is “Supernatural,” which was ironically the focus of end chatter a few years ago. Now, it is the network’s third-most-popular series, and the presence of “Arrow” has actually increased its audience. For the week of November 12 (per TVbythenumbers), the adventures of Sam and Dean clocked an impressive 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is an impressive increase of 60% from its original 1.0 rating.

It’s always interesting to measure total viewership by the number of people watching with these figures; and while the “Supernatural” audience is going up, the interest in “Revolution” has waned. While gaining 69% to a 4.4 rating is still stellar for the NBC series, this was a show pulling over a 5.0 with DVR figures earlier this fall. It seems like some folks out there were tiring of Charlie’s antics, and gave up on the show before the face-off against Monroe ever happened.

On a different note, more people are watching “Glee” still than the initial lower ratings indicate. While a 3.4 rating (thanks to a 64% growth) is the sort of number the show used to draw live, it’s still one of the better scores Fox pulls with any of its scripted shows, and thus will be enough to get the series at least a season 5 or maybe even more than that.

Which of these shows do you predict will be off the air first? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can check out a new preview for Thursday night’s “Glee” here.

Photo: The CW

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