‘How I Met Your Mother’ season 8, episode 9 preview: The meaning of ‘Lobster Crawl’

Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie SmuldersThe latest “How I Met Your Mother” season 8 episode is inching ever closer, and we are now starting to fullyc understand why this half-hour is entitled “Lobster Crawl.” Let’s just say that it revolves very much about Robin and the psychological notion of wanting something that you cannot full have.

As the latest sneak peek below shows us, Robin explains to Lily how she is “over” Barney in the sense that she told him exactly how she was not interested in being with him for the time being. However, he in turn slammed the door even further in her face than she did to him, and now, she is starting to think of him as forbidden fruit. Lily then uses an analogy related to another event in Robin’s past: when she was told that she could never have lobster again due to an allergy, she crawled her way back to it and stuffed her face full of the crustacean. Now, she is trying to get her last chance with Barney before moving on with her life.

Of course, what she doesn’t quite realize at this very moment is that the reason she is going after Barney so passionately at the moment is rather simple: she still has feelings for him, and just cannot bring herself to fully admitting to it. As a matter of fact, it will likely not be until the two-part episode at the end of this year when she realizes just how much of a foothold the man has in her head.

Be sure to check back Monday night after the episode for a full review; if you want to watch another sneak peek featuring Marshall, you can do so over herec.

Photo: CBS, video via SpoilerTV

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