‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 finale spoilers: A dose of perspective

Sons of AnarchyCan you believe that the “Sons of Anarchy” season 5 finale is now less than 48 hours away? We have some more scoop coming in now courtesy of Ron Perlman, but on this occasion, we are looking at something more thematic rather than specific plot details about the final episode of the season.

As a part of a new interview with NOLA.com, here is what the actor had to say just on the subject of some of the emotional constructs the show is currently exploring, and how all of this somehow manages to shine through a show that is superficially enveloped in violence, motorcycles, and allegiances. As you would expect, the notion of “absolute power corrupts absolutely” rings through every word here:

“I’m kind of blown away at how brilliant Kurt is in terms of understanding within the storytelling that that’s the big story: What power extracts from people and how much of yourself you’re willing to turn away from in order to maintain it. You never know until all the dust is settled who was right, who was wrong, was it worth it, was it not? And, are there right and wrong? And what is right and what is wrong? Those are the big things.

“It finally hit me at the end of season five that these are the things we’re exploring. I thought we were doing a show about a motorcycle gang that [messed stuff up].”

One of the questions that we are personally the most excited to see play out during the finale is the issue of Jax against Clay. Just who is the force for good on the show now, and who is the force for the evil? Are the two more alike than Jax realizes, and will he figure it out before it is too late? This should be an emotional block of television, especially since Clay is just one of many people whose life is currently on the line.

What do you take to be the main themes of “Sons of Anarchy” season 5? In addition to sharing what you think below, you can also watch the first promo for the episode here.

Photo: FX

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