The Blacklist season 8 episode 2 shocker: Is Katarina Rostova dead?

The BlacklistIf you were entering The Blacklist season 8 episode 2 expecting a bloodbath, here’s what you should know: You were right. “Katarina Rostova: Conclusion” was as insane as you could have imagined, and it ended with an action that could alter the entire show.

There are a couple of confirmed deaths that we should get to, and it begins with this: Dom is done. He died after another seizure and further torment by Katarina, Liz, and Reddington, each in their own unique way. Dom refused to give Liz any of the truth, but later confessed to Katarina, hallucinating that she was a younger version of himself. This is important since he seemed to think that he would never see her again. That part of his story from “Rassvet” was true. (Doesn’t all of this add evidence to the fact that the present-day Katarina isn’t really her?)

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So what did Dom confess to? Seemingly, that Reddington is N-13, and that he and Katarina both may have been in possession of the Sikorsky Archive. Yes, we didn’t seem him admit to all of it, and because of that there are some gray areas. Remember here that Reddington never fully admitted to being N-13 in his conversation with Katarina at the end of the episode, only stating that the situation is not altogether simple.

Then, Reddington killed Katarina, knowing that the move would be the sort of thing that could tear him and Liz apart forever. Granted, he didn’t expect Liz to be running in at the time in which the shooting happened. The question that we’re left with, among others, is whether it was the real Katarina at all, especially since Reddington seemed to speak a lot for Katarina in his final conversation with Dom. Oddly, though, Katarina spoke to Reddington as though she was Katarina in their final conversation — if she is a fake, perhaps she thinks that Reddington is unaware of this very thing?

No matter the truth with Reddington and Katarina, one simple truth still remains — the woman we’ve been seeing in the present is gone. Now, further questions remain.

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