Who is Mel Nash? A Million Little Things airs title card tribute

A Million Little ThingsWho is Mel Nash? Within this article, we’ll talk about the title card that we saw at the end of the A Million Little Things season 3 premiere.

There was one part of the tribute to Nash that really stuck with us — namely, the part where it said “he’s my dad.” This was a reference to creator DJ Nash, as his father passed away last month. In a post on Twitter after the episode, Nash followed up on the title card with the following tribute:

I met the most amazing man I’ll ever meet in my life when I was 6 minutes old. 33 days ago, we lost him. He taught me how to be a son, a husband, a dad, a friend, a boss, and a storyteller. I love you, Pop. You will always be my North Star. I will be guided by your light forever.

It cannot be put into words how significant Mel Nash was to his son — he was a guide, and in many ways, he may have inspired him to be the person he is right now. Without Mel Nash, there may not be A Million Little Things and it’s nice to see DJ have an opportunity to pay tribute through the show. This is a show all about family and loving one another, and there is no better way to tribute Mel than including a title card in this episode.

Title cards are television’s greatest way of honoring someone who has been lost. These will air in perpetuity across all future airings all over the world — in doing so, they allow the memory of someone to live on forever. It also allows viewers the chance to learn more about the departed, as it encourages them to seek out further information and get to know them. We loved this one for the inclusion of the photo, a chance to see the face to the name, and also the simple messaging of who he was in relation to DJ. It was a tribute full of heart, and it made the most of a few seconds on the air.

Our thoughts continue to go out to DJ Nash and his entire family during this incredibly difficult time. (Photo: ABC.)

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