‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 10 review: In too deep

Damian LewisWow. Is there anything else to say after watching “Homeland” this week? Sunday night’s episode packed a punch in every way that it possibly could have, and it also turns out that there was more than one meaning behind the term “Broken Hearts.” Carrie, Jess, and Saul may all be feeling the hurt following the events that unfolded here … and one person may be feeling absolutely nothing at all. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

As it turns out, this person was none other than Vice-President Walden, who suffered an excruciating death that came about at Brody’s hand. After Abu Nazir captured Carrie for his own, he made the stakes rather simple: he either go and find a serial number for Walden’s pacemaker, or the woman that he alternatively loves and loathes would die. He couldn’t have that, and thus he struck a plan to make it happen. Is there a part of us wondering why he did not seek help from the CIA or elsewhere? It’s possible, but it may also be possible that he did not want to put Carrie’s life in any sort of jeopardy at all. It also raises the question of whether or not Brody really just wanted to see Walden burn, especially judging by his cold, frightening final words to the man as he died in his own office.

This story was really so encompassing, it is hard to focus on anything else at all. Carrie may have rather died than to see Nazir get what he wanted, so the closing seconds of the episode consisted of her going back into the same compound she was once captive in so that she could take him down herself. Saul was on a mission of his own to stop him, but was quickly pulled away instead at the last second. Why? Let’s just say that he is too close to realizing that Quinn’s real mission here is simple: killing Nicholas Brody the moment Abu Nazir’s head hits the floor. Is there any way that all of these characters will live through the next two episodes? It almost feels like some of these people have dug a hole so deep, you might as well start putting the dirt on top of them.

The rest of the Brody family was in isolation, and thus missed out on most of the excitement. Jess is clearly in love with Mike now, Dana had no interest in listening to Finn’s pleas to get back together, and Brody’s poor son continues to be so blissfully clueless as to his surrounding world.

All in all, “Broken Hearts” was truly a powerful, heart-wrenching, and even at times appalling episode that not only goes down as one of the best for “Homeland,” but the best of all 2012 thus far. We have a feeling this is one any intelligent TV viewer will remember for some time.

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