‘The Amazing Race 21’ review: A valuable rule for the race

Natalie and Nadiya, The Amazing Race 21There are some things that we will never understand about contestants who go on “The Amazing Race.” If you have seen the show before, then there are a few things that you need to ensure that you do. First, it’s always helpful to figure out who among your team is comfortable with eating disgusting food, and who is going to be okay with heights. In addition to that, you also have to figure out who knows how to drive a stick if a moment comes up on the race where you need to know how to use it. Hey, it happens almost every season.

Sadly, the inability of one team this week in Natalie & Nadiya to figure this out ended costing them the leg … but not the race, since they are still in the game thanks to a non-elimination. These two are big personalities and were great for causing both intentional and unintentional comedy, but they perhaps did not have the pre-show commitment that they needed in in order to place somewhere other than last here. Of course, some of this was also a little bit of luck: it was only thanks to the longest equalizer ever that Josh & Brent were really allowed to catch up to begin with on the way to Mallorca, Spain.

The Beekman Boys are somehow miraculously in third place now, and with some of their self-aware confessionals it was almost set up as though these guys could end up finding a way to compete in the final legs. Realistically, though, you could argue that the main fight for the rest of the season, unless the Twinnies pick it up next week, will be between Team Chippendales (who were in second this week and have turned it on in recent weeks) and Trey & Lexi, who may still be the safer bet since they have been more consistent over the course of the season. Plus, they won this leg despite seemingly being behind Jaymes & James in the Detour. It’s nothing against the Texans, though, but they are probably not our pick to win since they are the same sort of forgettable winner that we have had on this show more seasons than we can count.

Our final thought for this episode is simple, though: how awesome was the headless greeter at the map?

Who are you winning for out of the remaining teams, and do you think Natalie & Nadiya can turn it around? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can also check out some more news on “The Amazing Race Canada” announcement over here.

Photo: CBS

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