This Is Us season 5 episode 4: Was Kate pregnant with Marc’s baby?

Kate's pregnancyWe’d heard early this year that there was a big story when it comes to Kate and This Is Us season 5. What we didn’t know was exactly what the story was going to be.

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Yet, we’ve gotten a good sense of that now. After spending some time with Ellie and hearing some stories from her past, Kate decided to come clean about a secret that she’d guarded for most of her life. There was a time in which she was pregnant after what she went through in her abusive relationship with Marc. We learned about the pregnancy test she took tonight, though it’s not clear what came after the fact or who else really knew about it. It’s never been brought up directly by any other characters, though Rebecca has lamented that she didn’t recognize what was going on with her daughter sooner.

Now that we’ve heard about this secret, we have to imagine that there is a lot more that is going to be coming. Whether or not it impacts Kate’s adoption in the present remains to be seen, but what she chose to do after that pregnancy reveal could be a key component in how she process what she’s going through now. This Is Us is a show that is all about links, and we’ve got a feeling that there are some more reveals after this one.

One thing we do know is this: There are a lot of fantastic performances for Chrissy Metz coming up.

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