‘The Walking Dead’ review: Were Glenn and Maggie rescued?

The Walking Dead season 3

On tonight’s mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” season 3 we finally have a chance to meet Tyreese and his own group of survivors as they stumble upon the prison and run inside to hide from the walkers that are attacking them. Carl hears screaming in another part of the prison and runs off to investigate.  He meets Tyreese and his group and he brings them back to the cell block next to theirs and locks their group up with food and water.

Glenn and Maggie are still being held prisoner in Woodbury, but Glenn pulls the arm off a walker and busts the bones , turning them into two shivs for them to use as weapons so they can try to escape. They begin stabbing people trying to escape but are disarmed by Merle and some other men.

Rick and the rescue team break into Woodbury, but as they get further into the town they are unsure of Michonne’s real purpose. Is she there to help them or does she have another motive to be there?  Rick and the group find glenn and maggie and save them from being executed by Merle and his men. Glenn tries to tell Daryl about Merle and the horrible things he’s done, but Daryl is conflicted on whether or not he should go look for his brother or continue to fight with Rick.  Ultimately Daryl decides to fight with Rick, but they lose Michonne as she takes off to wait in the Governor’s apartment to kill him as pay back for taking a hit out on her.  Daryl creates a distraction to help everyone escape, but while Rick is gunning people down to get out he thinks he sees Shane and kills him (turns out of course that it isn’t Shane, but lets us know that crazy Rick is still around).

Michonne waits at the Governor’s apartment for him – correction, she waits in his creepy man cave for him, discovering Penny and his aquarium collection filled with walker heads. When he returns she kills Penny in front of him and then after a struggle she stabs the governor in the eye with a piece of glass from one of the busted tanks.  Just as she is going to take the Governors head, Andrea shows up and saves his life, sending Michonne on her way.

In the infirmary Andrea has questions for the governor – why was Michonne trying to kill him? Who is Penny? And what’s with all the fish tanks with the walker heads in his creepy man cave? He doesn’t have answers for her, but instead addresses the people of Woodbury and outs Merle for lying to him about Michonne being dead. He tells them that Merle is one of the “terrorists” that attacked them and then reunites him with his “accomplice”, Daryl. He asks the people of Woodbury what they want to do with the brothers – this is not likely the reunion the Dixon brothers were hoping for, but at least they found each other, right?

What did you think of the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” season 3? Will Daryl and Merle survive? Has Michonne gone back to the prison? And what will be the Governor’s next move? You’ll have the answer to these questions and many more, but you’ll have to wait until next February when the series returns to AMC.

Photo: AMC

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