ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Check out ‘Secret Santa’ sneak peeks

CastleAre you ready for a bit of Christmas cheer courtesy of “Castle” season 5? Well, you are going to plenty of it courtesy of Monday night’s new episode, along with a subtle reminder courtesy of Rick himself that nothing in life can ever stay the same.

With that in mind, we kick off our sneak peek roundup for the weekend with Castle, Martha, and Alexis all getting the tree decorated and plotting out the rest of their holiday traditions, which include figuring out just how to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is where, at least in the case of Alexis, the shocker comes in: she is not planning to spend all of December 25 with her family. Rather, it seems like she has some plans of her own with her “friends” (and you all know what that means), and it leads to a pretty major freakout courtesy of Nathan Fillion’s character, who is clearly not used to letting his daughter break any sort of tradition that has been established over the years.

Now, we turn to the actual case. Castle and Beckett are going to be investigating the death of a man who makes plenty of paper being Santa Claus for companies, malls, and the like, and in this scene our intrepid detectives are getting on another Santa about what sort of motive he could have for killing someone who could be competition. While there was not much holiday cheer between the two men, at the moment we do believe this Santa suspect: stealing some business does not a murderer make.

Hats off to the “Castle” production team for giving us such a wide array of sneak peeks to check out here, as this final video perfectly illuminates what is going on with Esposito this holiday season … which is pretty much nothing. He quickly turns to his friend with benefits in Lanie in hopes of getting in a Christmas Eve date, but let’s just say that things do not end up working out as according to plan.

Do watching these videos make you even more excited for both “Castle” and Christmas coming around the corner? If you want to read even more news pertaining to a villain possibly showing up on the series in the future, you can do so over at the link here.

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