This Is Us season 5 episode 4: How could Randall learn about his mom?

Randall PearsonAt this point on This Is Us season 5, we’re in a very-much-interesting place. Just think about it like this — we have more information about Randall’s biological mother than he does. We don’t for sure know that she is alive still, but she didn’t die when William (seemingly) thought she did.

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Beyond just that, our interpretation of last week’s episode is that Laurel did find love again after the William incident with the mysterious fisherman, who we saw caring for his granddaughter. If our read on that situation is right, we do question when the two met and how long she was in his life — but these are things we could learn about in due time.

For the sake of this piece, the question we’re wondering is simply this: How is Randall going to be put on the road for answers? This is where we think his new therapist is key. Identity seems to be a major theme of the season for Sterling K. Brown’s character, and we do think these sessions will lead to him being encouraged to seek out further answers. Maybe it will be a dive through old records, or a journey similar to what Kevin went through, with the help of Zoe, in Vietnam. We think we were introduced to the fisherman because Randall will meet up with him at some point, where he can learn more about his mother through him.

Regardless of whether or not Laurel is still alive, Randall should be able to uncover more in the first part of this season. This is a story about truth and about peace, and maybe this whole tale can give closure to all parties involved. Our theory is just that, though — a theory. We’ll see where the story goes from here.

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