‘Jersey Shore’ season 6 review: Snooki has a baby shower and Angelina’s back

"Jersey Shore" Season 6 Cast

On this week’s episode of “Jersey Shore” season 6, The Situation is back on the market after breaking up with Paula and he hits up Karma with the gang to try to meet some new ladies. Unfortunately for The Situation, Paula is also at Karma and is still hurting over their break up. The Situation tries to hook up with other girls, but the more Paula watches other women crawling all over him, the worse the night gets for everyone.

Meanwhile the girls are having a tough time talking Snooki out of going to the baby store to buy things for Lorenzo without spoiling the fact that they already bought her everything for the surprise baby shower. As Snooki’s attempts to go to the baby store keep getting blocked by the girls and Jionni, Snooki’s mood sours.

Later the group goes to a new club called “Merge” and they are loving the new atmosphere until the spot their ex-roommate, Angelina, at the club.  Although the housemates have no interest in speaking to Angelina, she extends her hand to apologize to The Situation, Pauly D and Vinny.  They accept her apology, but don’t want anything further to do with her and because she won’t leave them alone, the guys decide to leave the club.  Vinny wanders back to the house and on his way home he meets two girls that offer to go home with him.  Although Vinny has proclaimed that he wasn’t going to hook up with anyone this summer, this offer changes his tune and he brings them home. Unfortunately the smush room is occupied and Vinny has to bring the girls into the room he shares with The Situation and Pauly D. One of the girls feels weird about the other guys in the room and leaves, so Vinny spends the night with the other girl – but he later claims he didn’t go all the way with her.

When it comes to Snooki’s baby shower, Vinny has a tough time deciding on whether or not he should attend the party because of what happened between them in Italy.  He feels that there is too much tension between him and Jionni and he doesn’t want the shower to be uncomfortable for anyone, but in the end he goes to the party.  When Snooki arrives at the baby shower she’s genuinely surprised and touched that her roommates did this for her. As the shower goes on, there is serious tension between Jionni and Vinny, so he decides to take Jionni aside to apologize for Italy.

What did you think of Angelina apologizing to the guys? Do you think the guys should have let down their defenses with Angelina since so much time has passed or do you feel that no matter her apology, the damage is done? If you want to read Angelina’s reaction to the episode, be sure to check out our story here.

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