The Blacklist season 8 premiere mystery: Who is N-13?

The Blacklist logoFor much of The Blacklist season 8 premiere, we saw a story that was largely straightforward. Katarina Rostova worked alongside Elizabeth Keen in order to executive an extraction plan involving Dom. She succeeded, using the guise of a Blacklister named Roanoke in order to make things work. Oh, and Liz also betrayed the whole team and even used Ressler’s affection towards her as bait. So, there’s that.

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Amidst all of this, this episode did also introduce a few new wrinkles in regards to the larger Sirkorsky Archive mystery … and it has to do with a mystery person by the name of N-13. What do we know about them right now? They are someone whose secrets were used seemingly to create said Archive in the first place — they are an operative who serves in a way as a mole. Katarina Rostova doesn’t know everything about who the person is, but feels as though she’s been set up. There is a real desire to locate the Archive and the secrets that it holds.

In Katarina’s mind, Reddington (regardless of who he is) is a mole who has been thrown into this world to get intel on US government operations and top criminals, and is using his relationship with Liz as a way in which to take all of that information. It’s a compelling story she weaves, but is it really true? Is Reddington N-13, or is it someone else in entirely? Remember that N could also stand for Neville, and Neville Townsend created the Townsend Directive and seems to have a role to play in all of this…

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