‘Dexter’ season 7, episode 10 preview: The Dark Passenger debate

Yvonne Strahovski - "Dexter"As much as Dexter Morgan has talked with Hannah McKay about all sorts of aspects of his life, there is still something that she cannot still wrap her head around: a need and a hunger to kill. When she has gone after people over the past ten or so years since the Wayne Randall spree, she has done so either out of necessity or when it benefits her in some sort of significant way; meanwhile, Dexter kills because he has to.

This conversation dominates the second sneak peek that we have from Sunday night’s new episode “The Dark … Whatever,” and it seems to be focused on Hannah trying to understand why Dexter has to follow through on a kill, even when he would rather be doing something else. Take the present situation as an example: he doesn’t want to be anywhere but with Hannah, but yet he feels a nagging desire to kill the Phantom Arsonist … who he may now have a suspect for.

So are these two capable of actually going the distance? There are a couple of ways to look at this. While Hannah seems to be mostly okay being with a killer, Dexter is still someone who lives within a dark, ritualistic place that may be foreign even to her. There is also the issue that she is still a suspect in Sal Price’s murder, and if George and rest of the Brotherhood catch wind of her like Isaak did, more trouble could follow. Conversely, it’s possible that Hannah could stick around given that there is now a specific end date for the show, so producers would not just be adding a cast member for an indefinite amount of time.

What do you think: are Dexter and Hannah meant to be here? Be sure to share what you think below, and you can also watch the other sneak peek from the episode here.

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