‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: Jesse Williams talks Jackson, April

Jesse WilliamsIs there plenty of hope out there still that Jackson and April on “Grey’s Anatomy” will get together again during season 9 … or at least at some point further on down the road? Based on what the two actors are saying now, the answer feels as though it is very much “yes,” even if the two seemed to go their separate ways Thursday night following a pregnancy scare. Everything merely moved so fast from one stage of their relationship to the next that neither party really had very much time to breathe, and think about what they wanted from the relationship.

Speaking as a part of a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter,Williams had the following to say when asked whether or not these two have some hope for a future together:

“I think so, definitely. It certainly makes it much more interesting and gives it some terrain. This season gives something that started off as really simple with a lot of bumps in the road and this gives them something to miss if they are separate. At the end of this episode, there’s just a lot of ‘could have, would have, should have.’ There’s a lot of ways this could have gone, which leaves you second-guessing and gives you a lot of room to kind of reflect.”

Williams and Sarah Drew both maintain that it is possible these two characters are made for each other, and that moving forward now, they will have to analyze where there lives are now that the stress of the boards (and of Webber dating Jackson’s mother) starts to subside a little bit. Williams also hinted at a possible new love interest for his character, though it was far from guaranteed.

Do you think that both Jackson and April are meant to be together in the long-term? Be sure to share below, and you can also view what Ellen Pompeo had to say about Meredith’s pregnancy over here.

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