NCIS season 18: Should Jimmy Palmer finally get his assistant?

Jimmy PalmerWe’ll be the first to admit — we’re a sucker for any and all Jimmy Palmer-related stories on NCIS. He brings a lot of humor to the show!

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With that being said, there is a big story from the past that still needs to be tied up, and that is what happened to him getting an assistant. We had a whole storyline devised around it, as he brought in a number of candidates, including someone who was very much a younger Ducky. Yet, there wasn’t really all that much in the way of answers when it comes to this storyline. Palmer was worked to the bone, and then everyone just moved on to other aspects of what was going on.

Can this season rectify this? We really hope so. We recognize fully that a potential Palmer assistant is probably not going to be a series regular, but it could be nice to have another recurring character in there to give him someone else to talk to. It could bring greater depth into the story, and there could even be need for another character with Maria Bello leaving midway through the season.

If there is a reason why this may not happen, however, it may be very-much due to the fact that it’s hard to get a lot of guest stars on TV right now. NCIS, like many other shows, is probably reducing their number of performers due to the pandemic and what’s going on in the world. We think that Palmer’s assistant (or a potential one) is a fun idea for a storyline, but they may decide they have other priorities. We know it won’t happen in the early going, mostly because the first handful of episodes are taking place in the past. It may take time before we get around to the present here.

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Do you want to see Palmer get himself an assistant on NCIS season 18?

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