Celebrity Big Brother season 3: Why it’s unlikely in 2021

Celebrity Big Brother season 2We’re about 24 hours removed at this point from the end of Big Brother 22, and of course it makes sense to look ahead. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the CBS reality franchise will return for a season 23 with host Julie Chen Moonves … but what about a celebrity season?

Celebrity Big Brother aired on two separate occasions on CBS, starting in 2018 and continuing into 2019. There was no season this past winter, though, with the network deciding to prioritize other things. The show has never been formally canceled, though, with there always being a chance of it coming back.

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So is there any hope for something like this in the new year? While you never say never with such things, the answer for now feels like a pretty clear “no.” Why? There are a handful of reasons for it.

1. There has been no announcement – Given that Celebrity Big Brother probably would have premiered in January, there was a golden opportunity last night for Julie to make it clear it was happening. Instead, the only thing she decided to promote was the next season in summer 2021.

2. The ratings aren’t enough – While Celebrity Big Brother wasn’t a total flop (its ratings actually weren’t that different in season 2 from Big Brother All-Stars this summer), it didn’t make enough of a splash for CBS to justify making it an annual thing. It just doesn’t produce the same amount of revenue as a newbie season of the show, especially since it can only get one month’s worth of live-feed subscriptions.

3. Other priorities – Because CBS has been waiting for so long to get some other scripted stuff on the air, it would be weird to suddenly prioritize a reality show again in the new year. We think they’re really going to get back to emphasizing their normal lineup.

The only way we see a Celebrity Big Brother 3 happening is simply in the event that there is something else that causes them to delay their scripted programming — otherwise, we think the best-case scenario is that it returns opposite the next Winter Olympics.

Do you want to see a Celebrity Big Brother season 3 at some point?

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