‘The X Factor’ USA notes: Emblem3, Vino Alan, CeCe Frey, and conspiracies

Emblem3We have all sorts of interesting “X Factor” USA comments to share in the latest edition of show notes, but we are going to kick things off with a subject that should bring forth an interesting debate: whether or not contestants should be allowed to do original music in the competition.

The reason we are really wondering this at the moment is courtesy of Emblem3, who auditioned to an original song in “Sunset Boulevard” that went over very well. However, over the weekend band member Drew Chadwick sent out the following message on Twitter that was certainly illuminating over just what contestants are currently allowed to do:

“All I wanna do is play original music but were in this competition. Love out to everyone who knows who we really are. soon well B back-Drew.”

The reason that we are even pointing this out is that for whatever reason, Chris Rene was allowed to perform two original songs in the live rounds last year, and it helped his career out immensely after the show to have a song in “Young Homie” that everyone already knew. Why can’t the boys do the same thing? We understand it may be seen as an “unfair advantage” to the artists who don’t have the same sort of good original material, but isn’t this competition about showing America what you really have? It’s not something that should be done every week, but these performers should at least have a few opportunities in the live shows to do some music that they created themselves.

Now, for Vino Alan – While Vino was not necessarily asking for original material before his elimination, he is realizing now after the fact that he could have at least fought harder to play something that was a little bit more modern and a full showcase of what he can do. After all, this is what he told Yahoo! Music after the fact:

“I realize, looking back, that I didn’t get to show the diversity of my range. I play a lot of instruments–the original plan was to play piano on my song this week–and I’ve written for years and won awards. But I ended up leaving the show after doing songs from the ’60s and ’70s–nothing that showed my relevance since my version of ‘Sober’ by Pink [at the Judges’ Houses]. I didn’t even do anything from this decade, something modern, something that showed where I would be relevant today in the music industry. I realize I could have fought more, after talking to [Season 1 runner-up] Josh Krajcik last night.”

Since we know that everyone loves to play the conspiracy card with these sort of shows, it is probably appropriate that we address this talk with a few sentences here. This sort of thinking is crazy. If “The X Factor” was rigging the show, Rachel Crow would have at least made the top three last year. Also, Jennel Garcia would not have left weeks ago, and Tate Stevens would probably not be ranked in the top 2 every week. If the show was rigging things, they would be doing it in a way that was actually advantageous to their show. Vino was in jeopardy simply because his song choice was bad and the rehearsal package didn’t help him to garner votes. That’s it.

More pleasant news – CeCe Frey (who has been the target of many conspiracy theories herself) has confirmed that this weekend the top six contestants are going to appear at a local Jingle Ball concert event. This is going to be a cool way for all of them to be immersed in some sort of major industry event, and who knows? At least one of them could be involved in a greater capacity with one of these someday.

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