Power Book II: Ghost episode 6: Is this the next character to die?

Power book 2Moving into Power Book II: Ghost episode 6, we know that there is going to be some significant stuff that happens. There’s also the fear of death. Isn’t that bound to happen with just about every episode? We tend to think so.

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We know that there are a lot of characters who could stand to lose their lives before season 1 ends. We’ll always be worried about Tasha, someone in Monet’s family could be taken out in an operation, and if Tariq crosses the wrong person, could someone like Brayden be killed off? Maybe, but in the end, the person we’re probably the most concerned about is Riley.

Why Saxe’s niece, of all people? It just seems like she’s gotten herself mixed up in all of this stuff without any real consequence to her, and Saxe has been successful so far in using her in order to obtain information. We haven’t seen any evidence as of yet, that this is going to be something that lasts through the remainder of this season. We could easily see her being killed by someone as a way to send Saxe into a spiral, and upsetting the balance of his life more than anything else.

The question here, of course, becomes how she could be killed. We don’t think Tariq would do it. Instead, we could just see her being a victim of some crossfire, of potentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We do think that the producers for Power Book II: Ghost need to remind all of us that we’re in a world where people can be killed off. Riley is the sort of character who is reasonably important to the story, but not so much that the story will be left a huge void without her.

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Do you think that a character is going to die entering Power Book II: Ghost episode 6?

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