‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 10 preview: Another look at ‘Broken Hearts’

HomelandWe love that Sunday night’s new episode of “Homeland” season 2 is entitled “Broken Hearts” … and the person who may be feeling the most heartbroken at the moment is not actually Carrie.

Rather, the first sneak peek that we have to share from the installment shows us that it is actually Saul that is hurting at the moment, and one of the primary reasons why is that he is merely feeling as though Estes could have told him about bringing in a black ops specialist in order to run what was a mission that did not need his level of expertise at all. Granted, at this very moment Saul does not yet know what would really crush him deeply if were to find out: Brody is not just the asset for this investigation, but he is also the target for when it is over.

We still do not know how in the world Damian Lewis will survive the final three episodes this season (if he does); and for now, since it is really impossible to speculate on such things, let us present the official synopsis of the episode via Showtime (which does more or less give it away that Saul is going to find at least a few details out):

“Saul catches up with an old friend and discovers evidence of covert activities by Estes. Brody and Vice President Walden find themselves at odds over the future of their political relationship, while Dana and Finn come to terms with their own differences.”

As fantastic as this season has been, we are excited to be seeing a little bit more of a man who has as of late become a little bit of a forgotten character. After all, isn’t it better to see the many layers to him than just his interactions with Carrie?

If you want to read some more “Homeland” season 2 scoop pertaining to Carrie, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Showtime, video via SpoilerTV

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