Power Book II: Ghost episode 6: Should we expect another big reveal?

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For those of you who haven’t heard the news as of yet, Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 is not coming on the air until we get to December. That means we gotta wait for a little while in order to see what’s coming up next.

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For the time being, though, let’s talk twists — after all, we know the producers love them! Episode 5 ended with a big one, given that Saxe and Davis MacLean agreed to potentially work together. Whether or not they can trust each other is a worthy debate, but we’re left in a spot where there are all sorts of questions.

So, can we expect another big twist almost right away? We’re sure that episode 6 will contain at least some development when it comes to this storyline, but at the same time we wouldn’t expect something that completely alters the course of the series right away. Think about it like this — episode 5 introduced a new paradigm where Saxe knows seemingly that Tariq killed his father. You want to see and explore what he wants to do with that, and with Davis, for at least a little while. That could make the possible demise of Cooper all the more satisfying.

When it comes to a universe like Power, you need to be timely with your big twists. If you do them too much, then they start to lose a little bit of their fervor. You need to strike the balance between letting stories play out naturally and constantly keeping you guessing. We’re sure that there are huge twists still coming this season, but we’re expecting them in the final couple of episodes more than right away.

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