Power Book II: Ghost episode 6: Is there enough Tasha behind bars?

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There’s no doubt that Tasha is one of the most important characters within the world of Power Book II: GhostHer arrest at the end of the first Power set up almost the entirety of this current story. Tariq is so desperate to free her that he’s hired Davis MacLean, and is also working amidst Monet’s criminal empire to ensure that he has the proper funds. Basically, he’s putting his life on the line to make certain her life is saved. It’s a sacrifice almost to pay back the initial one that she made.

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So now that we look ahead, the big question when it comes to Tasha is clear: What more of her life are we going to see? In order to better understand her own sacrifice, do we need to see more of her struggle? It’s true that we’ve seen a number of scenes with her with various characters like Tameika and Davis, but there hasn’t been as much of her within her current prison environment. Maybe it is quiet and lonely, but we have seen so much crazy stuff within the prison world of this franchise. Look at what we saw for Ghost behind bars, or what happened to Dre in the final season of Power proper.

The case for including more of Tasha’s prison story in Power moving forward is rather simple: It serves as a great opportunity in order to get a better sense of emotional stakes. The more we see her suffer behind bars, the more that we root for her to eventually find her way out. Meanwhile, it’s valuable for Tariq to see some of this go down to increase his own resolve.

Do we think that eventually we’ll see Tasha work her way out? Probably, largely because there is more interesting stuff for her to do on the outside? If she does make it there, though, we want the road to be tough. The struggle of this show is a part of what they do best.

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