‘The X Factor’ UK rankings: James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas likely finalists

James ArthurThere are some things that you want to ignore, even if the statistics tell you otherwise. Take, for example, that cheeseburgers are bad for you … or that Christopher Maloney has never been in the bottom two all season long on “The X Factor” UK. Maybe it is a measure in order to maintain our sanity, but there is just no part of us that genuinely believes that this guy, despite making it as far as he has, can actually win the whole competition and receive the backing of Sony Music and Syco.

Now as for if he can crack the top three this season … that is an entirely different story, as presented courtesy of our latest edition of show rankings.

4. Union J (last week: 3) – Here is the disconnect when it comes to this fantastic boy band. If you go on Twitter, you would assume that they are going to win the whole show without a problem. What’s the issue here? That in Britain you have to pay for votes, and many young people just don’t have the money to support a group that they love on a weekly basis. We do genuinely believe that the three Js and George will have an album that fares pretty well, but their odds of making the final two are slim.

3. Christopher Maloney (4) – Christopher, meanwhile, has older fans who can apparently afford to open up their wallets in drones for him. Is he like the British Newt Gingrich, where one ridiculously wealthy guy is really funding the entire operation? It’s possible. Christopher’s a fine singer, but his issue realyl boils down to this: his personality and his performances aren’t believable. This is why he’s perfect for a cabaret or a cruise ship act, but not for a worldwide pop star.

2. James Arthur (2) – While a Jahmene win would be more than acceptable, James is really the only person on this season who we feel will be really be a major recording star. He almost reminds us of an urban Phillip Phillips in that all season long, he has made every song fit his style … though the difference here is that James’ live performances have actually been even better. Now, we just have to hope he gets a song that is as great to work with as Phillip had with “Home” right out of the gate on “American Idol.”

1. Jahmene Douglas (1) – Like Christopher, he’s never been in the bottom; but unlike Christopher, he’s believable as a singer and a performer. A vote for Jahmene may not be a vote for a bona fide pop star like it is James, but it is a vote for a very strong vocalist who could have a great career that is almost like a combination of Bruno Mars and Josh Groban. Now, he just needs to develop more of a presence when he is not performing if he hopes to be remembered in the long-term.

Do you have a favorite out of the final four, and are you shuddering to think of the possibility of Christopher winning this whole this? We want to hear your thoughts below, and you check out the latest on Gary Barlow’s potential return to “The X Factor” UK next year over at this link.

Photo: ITV

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