The Flash season 7: A sudden case for a Patty Spivot return

Patty SpivotIs there ever a chance for Patty Spivot to return to The Flash for season 7 or beyond? It’s not a subject that we’ve thought about in a while, and for understandable reasons. Shantel VanSanten’s character doesn’t have the most logical place in the story now — Barry doesn’t need another love interest now that he and Iris are married.

Yet, is there another way to include her? Could you figure out another way to nod to the past? We almost want it to be so now, after hearing the story about VanSanten’s exit from the show back in season 2. Patty departed on a train to achieve more of her career goals and never came back — yet, it sounds like there were originally plans for her to be around longer. Check out some of what she said to TVLine:

“I don’t think it was supposed to end as quickly as it did … I don’t know if a whole lot of people know this, but I actually worked it out with my contract so I could finish the whole season and be around. But a showrunner that’s no longer on that show was very upset with me, and so he put me on a train all of a sudden, and I left.”

VanSanten mentions her contract because she was also set to take part in another show (presumably Shooter) — so why would a showrunner be upset about that if they could still use her? It’s baffling, but also sad that she found her story at an end in the way in which it happened. (Shantel does not mention a specific name, but Andrew Kreisberg alongside Todd and Aaron Helbing were showrunners back in season 2. Kreisberg was fired by Warner Bros. TV back in 2017 following allegations of workplace misconduct.)

In the interview, VanSanten further discussed her reaction to her exit, saying she thought at the time “OK, he’ll cool down, and then I can come back eventually… but so many seasons have passed, and Barry is in such a different place as a character now that it would be an odd divergence from the story … It was a bummer that somebody allowed their own personal feelings to come in the way of what was best for a story … I’m glad that person’s gone, and they’ve resolved so many of the issues on the set that were because of him. I’m still friends with a lot of the cast, and that feels great.”

Even if we never see Patty again on The Flash, we do hope that there is another venue on The CW / the Arrowverse who can make use of her talent. She was recently a part of The Boys on Amazon.

Do you want to see Patty Spivot again, especially after hearing this story?

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