Power Book II: Ghost episode 6: How will Saxe, Davis twist play out?

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There’s a good chance that you are aware of the not-so-great news already when it comes to Power Book II: Ghost episode 6 on Starz. It’s not coming on this week, and nor is it coming back the week after. You’re going to be waiting a good while still to see the show back!

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How long, exactly? Think December — there’s no precise date as of yet, but we know that there are a lot of different stories waiting around the corner. The one that we’re the most excited about at the moment, though, is pretty clear: Davis MacLean and Cooper Saxe.

At the conclusion of the show’s midseason finale, we saw Davis end up making an agreement with Saxe: The two would work together in order to ensure that they could get Tasha out of prison. Why? They are planning to collaborate instead on a new goal, and that is working to ensure that Tariq is arrested for the murder of Ghost. Saxe may not be able to use his video evidence in a trial, but it’s a starting-off point to him potentially accumulating some other information elsewhere.

The easy assumption to make moving forward is that Davis will be working to subtly get more information out of Tariq, only to then pass that along to Saxe. There is a benefit in him doing so, since he’d get a win on his record and also the money that he wanted for the case (before Tariq goes down, anyway). Yet, what if he’s able to turn this around on Saxe? There is no guarantee he’s going down this road, but we do think that it’s certainly possible he will end up conning him on some particular level.

Just go ahead and remember this in the end: Even if Davis loses the case, him ending up taking down a US Attorney would be impressive thing on his resume, as well.

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