Supernatural season 15 episode 15 promo: Castiel’s confession…

Misha CollinsSupernatural season 15 episode 15 is poised to air on The CW this coming Thursday — we just hope you’re prepared for all the emotions. This is the sort of episode where some big moments from the past could be revealed — and Castiel fans could have their heart smashed into pieces.

Is Cas about to reveal the deal that he made with The Empty? That is something that the end of the promo below has us concerned about, given that this is the sort of thing that could lead to us begging the producers to find a way to save him. Let’s remember — this is the final season, and because of that the powers-that-be are probably going to stop at nothing to make us feel just about everything under the sun. The idea of losing a major character in some way is the sort of thing that should concern us all, especially when you think about the level of adversary we are talking about now in Chuck.

If there is some good news that we could pass along on the show right now, it’s simply this: If Castiel is going to be in danger, he won’t be leaving Sam and Dean for a little while. We know that he is present within the synopses for the next two episodes, so we’re going to remain optimistic that everything is going to work out here somehow. Even though he may have been on the show from start, Misha Collins’ character is an essential part of the show family. It’s hard to imagine Supernatural without Castiel being there at the end at this point — even when he’s not around, we often picture what he’s up to.

So go ahead, watch the promo below a few times over, and worry about everything you need to. We’ll keep holding out hope for the future.

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