‘Dexter’ season 7 finale spoilers: Check out the first synopsis!

DexterOf course, we have to start off this “Dexter” season 7 story with the largest of warnings imaginable: if you want to avoid anything that could be considered spoiler-y for the final episode of this year, you should probably stop reading now. The good news here, though, is that the information we are about to present really should not actually show you much in the way of information that you do not know already.

The final episode of the season is, as reported many times, an homage to the late Sargent Doakes in “Surprise, Motherf–ker.” Just based on that alone, it is probably pretty clear that the enemy Dexter Morgan will be facing off against here is not a killer by any means. Rather, it is a woman in LaGuerta who is getting so close to finally revealing him for the infamous, blood slide-collecting Bay Harbor Butcher that he is. Check out the official synopsis from Showtime below:

“In the Season 7 finale, LaGuerta is on the verge of exposing Dexter and his killer ways, while he does his best to cover for himself and Debra, and maintain the life he’s created.”

At this very moment, what really makes this final episode so very interesting to us is that we are not exactly looking at a situation where there is a great deal of hope that everything can go back to normal, which is generally what happened after each of the first five seasons. We really can’t see a situation now where LaGuerta and Dexter both survive and stay out of prison. If Dexter wants to really protect his new life seemingly with Hannah, he will have to either kill the Captain or find some way to pin evidence on her, especially since she had such a deep connection with Doakes to begin with.

As always, we want to hear some of your theories below, and you can also catch the first promo for Sunday’s episode over here.

Photo: Showtime

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